My goal through my art is to invite people to see things differently, notably by creating spectacular images that leave people mystified.

Trained as an architect, fascinated by land art, I have a passion for creation, set design and, of course, for the concept of the anamorphosis, through my monumental installations.

I have been an artist in many different media: I was a production designer in film and theatre productions, a scenographer, a space sculptor, an anamorphist; I juggle with geometry, perspectives, appearances. As a set designer for musicals, I worked with Robert Hossein (“C’était Bonaparte”) and others including ‘Gone with the Wind’. As a prodfuction designer for commercials, I worked on several projects : the ‘Nissan Micra’ with David Lynch, or ‘Softbank’ with Wes Anderson (in which played with Brad Pitt). In terms of movies, I have mostly collaborated with Cédric Kahn. I have also designed museum exhibits both in France and abroad, in particular in the luxury sector.

Awards :

  • Prix du Jury – Festival de Streetart Artaq à Angers en 2012
  • Guinness Book – 2013
  • Prix du meilleur événement grand public français 2013