What I believe

The impossible world of MC Escher

What I believe

We believe what we project in our minds. Changing the angle of our perception in our minds can change our perception of things around us. It can also change our point of view, manipulate our thoughts, undo our certitudes. What we believe to be true with our eyes, we believe as well with our being, our neurones, our personality and our hearts. Our eyes are only tools that convey information but our beings are what translate that information.

We see with all our senses. Contrary to beliefs, an image does not have two or three dimensions ; it has many more than that ! In order to be decoded, it speaks to all our senses. Even the most stable image is deceivingly complex. It is a composition of a multitude of signals that speak to the sensitive beings that we are and we must navigate space and time with the only help of our mental cartography.

The Anamorphosis takes advntage of these signals. By deforming the visible and modifying the perceptible, it throws most people off track. Lost in the face of apparent incoherence, but intrigued nonetheless, we have no choice but to launch our own mental search engines in the hopes that we can find ‘a’ reference that will point us to ‘the’ answer. Surprisingly though, every person will come up with their own answer, translated from their own unique point of view.

There are as many point of views as there are people. Throughout my work, I search for new ways to codify this image that I ask every witness of my work to build. But I search to provoke an immediate un-prepared response, an emotional sensation. Indeed, with emotion, the image witnessed will overcome any physical reproduction to become untagible, soft, Dali-like but more importantly, simply personal.