What I believe

What I believe

Is reality really what we see? Or is reality what is visible? Where does reality end and illusion start?

Going even further, why do our minds “create” these illusions? Are they real or are we following our fantasies? We need to push ourselves to see past the conventions, the first dimension, the easily visible…

Questioning what we see helps us to go beyond the obvious. If all the answers were in front of us, we would not bother to search for them in all directions, to compare shadows and light, to try to explain what is not visible or discernable.

With my creations, I transform fiction into reality. Where there’s a garden, a plaza, a courtyard, or a confined space, I see a playing field where everyone is invited to participate, to play with nature. Indeed, I like the idea that nature lives its own life and becomes its own creation !

Just as important to me is witnessing the wonder of visitors when the “anamorphic effect” suddenly appears to their eyes. I enjoy responding to their surprised exclamations, participating in their bewilderment, and I gratefully accept their enthusiasm and their interaction with my work brings it to life!

But even more fascinating to me is the risk of not having complete control over the result. Sometimes, the final design will reveal even greater added value and other times it will introduce another challenge to resolve.

From diversity comes unity. From the diversity of lines comes the unity of the image. And from the diversity of visions comes the shared sensations.

Anamorphosis, a word in the world of “trompe l’œil”

A deliberately deformed image, an anamorphosis returns to its original proportions when we observe it from a specific angle, a unique observation point. This ‘art of the secret perspective’ that Dürer spoke of has many applications, some of them very enigmatic, as are many of the creations I have made…