Polygone Etoilé in Sicily

The Anamorphosis and the gardens of the Orient have never met each other before. Neither had Sicily and the Anamorphosis. Well with this latest work, that has been taken care of ! After a trip of several hundreds of kilometers, the Polygone Etoilé, the centerpiece of the Gardens of Orient on display at the Arab World Institute of Paris during the 2016 program, renewed its vibrant spectacle at the heart of a landscape that seems more beffiting than the last !

The choice of this geometrical figure with eight strands (symbol of the divine and of perfection) combined with the square (symbol of earth and creation) impressed a large number of Parisian curious onlookers. Now, between palm trees and blue skies, it continues to fascinate those who comme accross it. Indeed, weighing in at more than 9 tons, huge metallical pieces seem to float above the ground, supporting a large and exotic collection of plants individually selected. But the fascination lies in the magic of these puzzle pieces that seem to come together seemlessly.

What a formidable technical and spiritual challenge!