Suspended Time – Etoil’ermitage

« Please, draw me a star… » Usually, we only hear of this in books such as St Exupéry’s Petit Prince, and typically, the star remains a dream. However, in the Gardens of the Fondation de L’Ermitage à Garches, this dream has become a reality. With great presicion, an anamorphosed reality delicately appeared in its backyard, flawlessly situated between trees and bushes.

Observing it from above, with the view of a shape that blends perfectly into its environment, we feel kind of…. dreamy. But once we glance over from the balcony of the house, time seems to stop and the star made of plants and flowers rings true. Notice the miracle of the anamorphosis as well as the look of sheer awe on the face of the owner of the place; she still can’t believe it !

Vidéo anamorphose François Abelanet