Who to believe?


Main square – City Hall – Paris – France

‘The tree at the heart of the city’ -To celebrate the Parisian event ‘A season under the trees’, the city of Paris commissioned a monumental ephemeral park bringing nature and trees to the city center.

The anamorphosis was created on the main plaza of the City Hall of Paris. Composed of “hills and valleys” covered with trees and grass, the installation measured 120m long and 25m large. Following the lines of a modern garden ‘à la française’, the 2 000 m² project attracted the curiosity of tens of thousands of people. But it took many shovels, rakes, man-hours, laser pointers and GPS locators to create this unique anamorphosis.

  • The tree, source of life, wisdom and wonder; the monumental installation introduces a new perspective of this longer –than-life-companion
  • A labyrinth-like garden was built on the plaza with the help of 90 gardeners from the city of Paris all in one week
  • Viewed from a well-calculated height and position, a terrestrial globe appears anamorphically
  • Tens of thousands of locals, tourists and curious bystanders queued to get a glimpse of the artwork during the 15 days of its presence