Sand Cube

Le Val André – France


A bet, a confident team, big tides; nothing more was needed to create a huge image on the Pléneuf Val André beach and to elicit the curiosity of people on vacation.

Calculated in advance and carried out by several helpers with shovels, the ‘Sand Art’ cube revealed itself little by little under the surprised stare of onlookers. Without changing the landscape, a sandy anamorphosis was born for a few days before the sea’s high tides finally erased its lines completely. And all of it was unexpectedly endorsed by the town’s Office of Tourism, pleased by the sudden attraction on the beach…

  • Giant cube created by drawing of lines in the sand in between tides
  • A free installation, accessible to anyone, during a hot and beautiful beach day at low tide
  • Great family snapshots and fun for tourists
  • A unique image for the town of Pléneuf Val André for its spontaneous ephemeral landart.